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The best way to reach me is via email at You can also follow me on Twitter @jenvalentino.

If you’d prefer more secure communications, you can use secure chat and contact me at jennifer [dot] valentino [at] jabber [dot] ccc [dot] de. I use Adium and Pidgin with OTR over Tor and do not log. For encrypted email, please use the public PGP key here. I also am available on Signal.

I understand that these technologies are not foolproof and are not effective if running on a compromised machine. If you’d prefer me to set up Tails or a virtual machine — or to follow other protocols — just let me know.

(I talk to a lot of computer-security professionals, who tend to have strict requirements about these things, even for having relatively mundane conversations.)

If you’re not a computer-security pro, you might be wondering: What is she talking about?

Well, PGP encrypts your data — documents, emails and so forth. People who use PGP to communicate have “keys” that lock their data so it can be unlocked only by those they trust. Secure, or “off the record,” chat also involves encryption, making it difficult for your conversations to be intercepted.

You need to be running special email and IM programs for these technologies to work. I’ll be updating instructions for these programs soon; in the meantime, old instructions — which are still somewhat useful — are here.